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Benefits of Going Solar

Here’s some food for thought – did you know utility prices have on average increased 20% in the past 10 years, while the cost of residential solar has decreased by 50%? Choosing to go solar can make great financial sense as it allows you to generate power at a lower cost than buying electricity from a utility, and you also have predictability in your production.

Paying You Back

For every dollar you invest in a solar system, your home’s value increases on average by $1.85. No other home improvement promises that high of a return. Solar panels typically pay for themselves in six to nine years and increase the resale value of a house on average by about $15,000. Don’t forget—this is money you’re going to spend anyway!?

Tax Credit

The federal government wants homeowners to go solar. In fact, they are offering a Federal Tax Incentive Credit** for you to switch to solar. Additional incentives and rebates may be available depending on where you live.

**In order for a customer to qualify for a benefit from the Federal Tax Incentive Credit, the customer must earn taxable income beginning the year the solar system is operational and customers should consult with their tax professional to see if they qualify for the Federal Tax Incentive Credit.

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